Posted by: Randy Allgaier | February 18, 2009

Senator Burris- Please go!- An Open Letter

Dear Roland,

You now are able to put the word Senator on your immodest memorial to yourself – the tasteless sepulcher – your mausoleum to mediocrity in the guise of soaring achievement. Before you were sworn in I wrote that I felt you had no business being a United States Senator.

Many of us wondered what type of man would be so anxious to become a US Senator he was willing to sully his own reputation by cozying up to Governor Whacko Blago. Many of us, me included, assumed you must be a pathetic silly old man who cared more about the etching on stone in a cemetery than he did etching integrity in his heart.

Even if you were making a poor choice and were looking desperate, until the last few days, you just appeared desperate. Now you are entering the ranks of the lying, deceitful and the sleazy.

Your contact with the disgraced Governor’s brother, the conversation about raising money for him and then your attempt to do so is more than sleazy- you are a liar sir.

Your buddy Bobby Rush, not known for his warm and fuzzy feelings for President Obama, shamed everyone into submission by blatantly playing the race card. Yes it IS a disgrace to only have one African American in the Congress since reconstruction, but it is unfair to African Americans throughout the country to assume that the only black person capable of getting to the Senate can get there through questionable tactics. You are not a good role model for African Americans. I assume at one point you were a role model of sorts, but no longer. You certainly have no business representing a state in the Senate, let alone a state that has been torn asunder by embarassing scandal.

We just elected a President- our first African American to hold this office- based on his accomplishment, his political acumen and his intelligence. It is an INSULT to Mr. Obama and all that he stands for that you stay in the Senate- especially the seat he vacated in order to assume the Presidency. We should have many more African Americans in the Senate but not this way.

This country has serious problems. We do not need stupid and embarrassing distractions. Even if your vote is the 60th in the Senate to get an important piece of legislation passed- your vote will never again seem to be valid in the court of public opinion.

Mr. Obama needs supporters on Capitol Hill who are serious and who can boldly carry his water on behalf of doing the best for the American people. Mr. Burris- in all due respect you’re a distraction. You have passed the line from being a pathetic embarrassment to a political liability.

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss- “The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. GO! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. Will you please go now!”


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