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  1. Happy Birthday Randy,

    I was a member of Randy’s graduating High School class; he was the valedictorian of our class. At that time, we all knew he was something special – off to Harvard…., but as the years have passed he has become the most respected and revered classmates. We rarely see Randy (due to his west coast bias), but we all keep in touch with his accomplishments over social bias and personal suffering. We all wish him many more.

    This blog (And Randy) represents American patriotism at its best. Fiscal conservatism and social liberalism will prevail !! (at least that is my hope. Randy let’s you know what he thinks and acts on his thoughts – Thank you Randy.

  2. Happy Birthday Brother! You are right on, as always. Lets just hope that the voters do the smart and right thing on election day and get out and vote for Obama. I know I will.

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