Posted by: Randy Allgaier | August 19, 2007

A Love Letter to Karl Rove: Thanks for destroying our America

Dear Karl,

You have given us an America that terrorists and other’s that would destroy the American way of life would not need to dismantle because America is becoming the very thing that those who hate America are- hateful, uninterested in individual rights, obsessed with power and on the road to dictatorship.

You have been called Bush’s brain. But you not only take the place of the organ that is supposed to reside in the cranium of the President, you have ensured that the heart of the President, which we were told was that of a compassionate conservative, was transplanted by one that is as healthy as Dick Cheney’s heart- clogged with the cholesterol of hate, fear mongering, partisanship and dismantling of the Constitution. Of course this statement would mean that there was a heart there to begin with- but whatever the case is there is certainly heart damage and the Presidency had cardiac arrest quite a while ago.

You have been the architect of political power achieved through fear and governing through blatant partisan politics. You have been a master of twisting and spinning. Both parties have individuals that are talented in spinning. What you have done is spun with hate and fear.

My dear Karl- you worked for a President that says that he and his administration didn’t listen to polls and governed from a sense of what was right for the country. Whenever you are interviewed- I have never seen anyone so conversant in polling numbers— rather odd if you aren’t paying attention to them! Of course- the sense of what was right was right for the right and not for the rest of us.

Oh Karl- You silly guy. You had so much fun- like a little gossipy school girl whispering to anyone who would listen- exposing a CIA operative. “I know something you don’t know!” Boy that must have been fun. You didn’t just show how important an “insider” you were – but it had the added bonus of hurting the career of the spouse of one of your most ardent critics. You got to gossip and be a bitch too! Wait – I didn’t know you were a teenage girl!

Of course you have tried at every step of the way to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV and it was successful for a while- but Ambassador Wilson has certainly been proven to be correct.

As a gay man- I want to thank you so much for the strategy that you used in the 2004 election- using the fear of gay marriage to get voters out in every state.  It was a master stroke of wedge politics that vilified an entire group of people, played on ignorance and fear and rallied the troops of those groups that believed that some fantasy “Leave It To Beaver” world once existed and the fantasy was threatened. Should I mention that you and some other far right icons like Senator Jesse Helms and Reverend Jerry Falwell always reminded me of my stereotype of what a child molester looks like?  I probably shouldn’t, but I just did!

Thank you for the work you and Alberto Gonzales have done to politicize the Department of Justice- using the power of US Attorneys like a machete against Democrats and an all access pass to Republicans.

Is there any part of governing that you decided shouldn’t be politicized? I understand that all leaders are politicians but most administrations seem to have enough regard for the Constitution and our nation to realize that there is part of governing that should never be the purview of politics.

This morning on “Meet the Press” you trashed Hillary Rodham Clinton about her vote against the Medicare Modernization Act.  I cheered when she voted against that legislation.

You made it sound like she was not interested in helping elderly and disabled Americans. MMA was nothing but welfare for health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Karl- I was actively involved in policy advocacy around Medicare – and that bill had little to do with helping Medicare beneficiaries- that’s a side bonus (when it happens). If it was meant for people- it would have allowed Medicare to negotiate prices and would not have included some absurd construct called a “Donut Hole”.

AARP begrudgingly signed on to support for that bill because they thought it was better than nothing. Sure it probably was- but be real- it was fatally flawed and as this Congress has found out fatally flawed legislation is difficult to fix. Wait didn’t you use the term “fatally flawed about Senator Clinton’s candidacy?

You and Dick Cheney use 9/11 as an excuse for going into Iraq. When asked about Dick Cheney’s very astute observation in 1994 of what would happen if President George Herbert Walker Bush (41) had overthrown Sadaam in the first Gulf War- you said everything changed after 9/11. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??

Mr. Cheney’s analysis in 1994 that there would be chaos and Iraq would be a quagmire had we taken down the regime was dead on. Even if the Bush administration had been right about the WMD argument- which was specious at best- it would have been their duty to reveal the dangers that had been assumed in a post-invasion Iraq. 

This 1994 analysis of going into Iraq was not discussed as part of the lead up to the war- it is simply unconscionable that their was inconvenient amnesia. 

But of course when you say everyone thought that Iraq had WMD’s you are forgetting about one small group that said that Iraq did not have WMDs. Oh those pesky UN Weapons inspectors! Why should we have relied on their “on the ground” information when we could have dummied up satellite imagery?

Thank you for your War on Terrorism. Our approach to terrorism hasn’t been terribly successful has it Karl? We are less safe- we have emboldened terrorists thanks to our arrogance in Iraq and our diversion from Afghanistan.

Why haven’t we taken the lead of two countries that have long histories of dealing with terrorism? The United Kingdom dealt with decades of the Irish Republican Army and of course Israel has become an expert on terrorism. In both cases they treated terrorism as criminal actions. But no- we have to go to a “war footing”. Of course – in WW II a war footing meant that all of our citizens shared some pain. In this “war” we are told to go shopping.

But Karl, I digress. How silly of me to think about adding to the nation’s burden dealing with criminal actions. After all you and your NRA pals have done so much for us to deal with criminal acts! With 100,000 people murdered in this country since 9/11 I guess you guys have done a bang up job.

I know you are leaving public life. But I do have a suggestion. We, the American people, woke up a little from our slumber and slapped you and Bush around in the 2006 election- you have not been able to dismantle the Constitution as much as you would have liked (although you have made remarkable headway).   As you pointed out on “Meet the Press” this morning- there is a separation of the three branches of government in our Constitution. You forgot the other part of that- “checks and balances”. I know, I know— it is so annoying to have Congress looking down your shoulder and actually doing their “oversight” duty. Boy that Constitution is annoying isn’t it? It’s a damned shame that you weren’t able to fulfill your dream of single party rule for perpetuity. But Karl- never fear, there is a government- and it’s not too far away that believes in changing their constitution at a whim and will soon ensure that it’s leader will have lifetime rule. I’m sure they’d love to have you!

The country- Venezuela; the leader- Hugo Chavez. Viva Rove!

Thanks again!

The American People

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