Posted by: Randy Allgaier | July 11, 2006

Where’s the Beef? Do the Democrats Have Substance in their Midterm Election Platform?

George W. Bush is a bad President.  George W. Bush’s administration finessed the pre-War intelligence to make a case for the Iraqi war.  George W. Bush focused on Iraq while the Taliban began to make a comeback in Afghanistan and Iran and North Korea began showing off their muscles.  George W. Bush has repeatedly taken actions to compromise privacy, compromise a free press and bloat Executive Power.  These actions are at the very least cynical and possibly illegal. Democrats have pounced on these items, rightfully so, but I ask the question: Well yes that’s all true- but what is your game plan?  What is your platform- other than that “Bush is Bad”?

“Bush is Bad” doesn’t seem like a winning strategy -it doesn’t seem terribly proactive or strategic.  And it has the additional problem of sounding like a whiny school girl. 

Where is the meat of a Democratic platform for 2006?  All I hear is “Bush is Bad”.  Granted I don’t like the guy either and I think that my mailman would make a better President.  But that isn’t a message.  I want to hear some substance from my friends in the Democratic Party.  Where’s the beef?  True- the nine women democrats in the Senate came up with their “checklist for change”.  But it doesn’t seem to have gotten much traction and as for the House- all I hear is whining about George W. Bush. 

Let me be clear- I am the first to blast President Bush for the mistakes he has made, the lies he has told, the disregard he seems to have the Constitution and the two other branches of Government- Congress and the Judiciary and a host of other issues, but I want leadership from the Leaders of the Democratic Party.  The Democrats seem to be a full partner in the beltway practice of partisan bickering.  I guess it takes two to tango. 

I hear some of the Dems chanting the healthcare mantra.  But I haven’t heard word one of what they would do to fix the problem.  I hear a lot of loud wind about Iraq but I haven’t heard a thoughtful, strategic and common sense way to extricate us from Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld inflicted Hell in Iraq.

I have heard blaming President Bush for giving North Korea and Iraq the moxy to flex muscle.  True- the Iraq debacle has given them a sense of security.  But how would the Dems fix this problem? 

Face it, Bush is leaving a boat load of troubles when he leaves office- most of his own making and the Dems should resent his poor stewardship.  Heck- we should all be appalled by his lack of stewardship.  But the Democrats need to do more than resent the current problem and continuously whine about the President.  They need to develop alternative strategies.  They need to let the American people know what they would do differently. 

The Democratic Party has been cowering under the power of the schoolyard bully- Karl Rove and has become a party of reaction and not of pro-action.  It is time to take control.  The Democrats need to be the owners of their own destinies and not allow themselves to be defined by the other side. 

Listen up Democrats!  Your constituency is starving and we want to know- “Where’s the beef”?

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