Posted by: Randy Allgaier | May 6, 2008

The Trailer Trash Gal- the reinvention of Hillary Clinton

Let me tell ya a story ‘bout a gal that’s been the talk of the trailer park recently. She’s been seen slingin’ back beers and shots, runnin’ around in pick up trucks and has been huntin’ all her life ever since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Yup this gal even has a southern white accent tinged with a little Midwestern twang. Damn- you’d think that this good ‘ol girl came from the hills of West Virginia and daddy was a coal miner. I’m waitin’ for her to talk about bein’ raised in Butcher Holler and spending her childhood hoein’ the corn fields. Now, now- she’s a good gal- I bet she’s spent her whole life since droppin’ out of school at the local steel mill. She’s rough and tumble- scrappy!. She’s a no nonsense gal who won’t take any guff from her man. She comes home each night to the double wide, pops open a can of Bud, puts a Swanson’s TV dinner in the microwave for her and her man Bubba. She sits back on the recliner and tunes in to re-runs of “Married With Children” while Bubba cleans his rifles and nods off with a cheap cigar in his mouth dreamin’ about that gal he met at the gun show.

Damn? You know what? I think that this ‘ol gal- this regular blue collar gal is my idea of the ideal President. She knows about people! She’s not one of them Ivy League educated effete elite liberals. She gets us. Heck she’s one of us- she has machine grease running through her veins.

Well not machine grease- but some sort of grease. How has Hillary Rodham Clinton reinvented herself as the Queen of the Blue Collar Crowd? During the campaign in Pennsylvania she was a rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ Annie Oakley from Scranton. Now she seems to have accentuated her Midwest twang and her drawl seems much more pronounced each day- you’d swear she came up from the nearby trailer park. While Bill is on his Bubba tour (and he does have Bubba roots he can pull from), Hillary is running as the gal from the factory- not as much of a pansy as Rocky Balboa with testicular fortitude to spare. Meanwhile her husband, the former President, is having the time of his life on his Bubba tour of the back country of North Carolina.

Hillary’s father was a successful business owner and she grew up in the upper middle class suburb of Park Ridge Illinois. She went to Wellesley College- one of the elite “Seven Sisters” colleges and later to Yale Law School. Later she was a proferssor of law at the University of Arkansas, first lady of Arkansas, and a partner in the prestigious Rose Law firm. She served on three corporate boards – TCBY, Lafarge and Wal-Mart. Oh yeah – she had a stint as First Lady of the United States and then became a US Senator.

Yup- this gal feels my pain- she’s not part of that elite establishment! No she’s not she OWNS that elite establishment It is remarkable that this newly minted “good ‘ol gal” has reinvented herself so completely, The grating pundit- Chris Mathews- who thinks he is a one make spokesman for blue collar voters (while calling them that arrogant media term- “Lunch bucket Republicans” while living an inside the beltway life- said that Clinton is amazing- you’d think she grew up in Scranton and got her GED. Hardly! Her pedigree is elite- more elite than most and what’s wrong with being the smartest person in the room?

How soon we forget! The gal fightin’ for the regular guy is the same person who made culturally dismissive remarks about Tammy Wynette (“I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man”) and her outlook on marriage and about women staying home and baking cookies and having teas.

I hope we aren’t that dumb. This reinvention is political cynicsm and is a lie. Add the pandering about the gas tax and I just want to send her home singin’ the blues. Senator Clinton- I have a request. Don’t treat the American people like a bunch of dumb hicks and don’t pretend you are something you aren’t.



  1. Clinton will dominate the nomination process and will be in the White House. There is no one out there who can politically out maneuver her.

  2. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptLet me tell ya a story ‘bout a gal that’s been the talk of the trailer park recently. She’s been seen slingin’ back beers and a shot, runnin’ around in pick up trucks and has been huntin’ all her life since she was knee high to a … […]

  3. Clintonista-
    I guess you didn’t watch the North Carolina and Indiana primaries.

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