Posted by: Randy Allgaier | April 30, 2007

Giuliani— Please get your facts straight! Democrats have more experience defending this country than Republicans!

Rudolph Giuliani the 9/11 Mayor of New York City toed that party line that Republicans are better managers of war and defense than Democrats. For the moment let’s not talk about the fact that the 9/11 WTC attacks happened during a Republican administration in a state with a Republican governor in a city with a Republican mayor. Let’s forget, for the moment, that according to former CIA chief George Tenet that then Republican National Security Advisor- Condoleezza Rice dismissed his warnings about an imminent terrorist threat to this country. Let’s forget, at the moment, that Mr. Giuliani a Republican (did I mention that before?) did not move the New York City Crisis Command Center from the World Trade Center after the first terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993 (it was suggested that the command center be placed in Brooklyn – a suggestion ignored by Giuliani – and where it currently resides post 9/11).

Let’s look at war management. The last time a Republican ran a war was the Spanish American War during the McKinley administration- a war that was by in large the making of yellow journalism and William Randolph Hearst. Remember- the Hearst quote to one of his reporters- “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”? Yes the war lasted only 110 days and brought the USA to the nationhood of world powers, but was it really a necessary war? Sound familiar- well that part about being necessary. War management is another story.

But I digress. Let’s look at wars during the 20th century. Yes the Kennedy and Johnson administration governed over a bad war with their sending troops and escalating the troop level in Viet Nam, but they sure as heck weren’t what I would call doves! What about Korea. Not a good idea- but Truman presided.

And what about those other two pesky conflicts in the 20th century— World Wars I and II. Has anyone forgotten about Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (and later Truman)- THEY WERE DEMOCRATS folks!

While I don’t personally support all the conflicts that have involved Democrats (Korea and Viet Nam come to mind), the idea that Republicans have a better handle on defending our country is ABSOLUTELY absurd.

 Excuse me- I didn’t include the first Desert Storm presided over by President Bush the elder who incidentally refused – rightfully so- to go into Baghdad and remove Sadaam and that decisive victory we had in Grenada thanks to Republican President Reagan.  Oh boy that was a war that was both necessary and showed off our military might over a mighty regime!  Grenada certainly showed how important Republicans are to defending this country.

I guess you might consider folks to be weak on defense if they believe in diplomacy- a skill that the Bush administration lacks.

Get with it Rudy! Why don’t you put a dress on and let Donald Trump nuzzle your breast—- that was the best moment of your life!  Oh yeah- and don’t forget- this administration has done a bang up job— we are less safe than we were before 9/11/01 thanks to Mr. Bush and his Iraqi debacle.  We forgot about Afghanistan, we have destabilized the Middle East even more and we have given the jihadists a cause they can sell to young men as well as a safe haven where they can train them.  

Yup – those Republicans have done a great job.  I guess Rudy believes in staying the course!   That’s been real successful, hasn’t it?   


  1. Did I miss something here. Those Democrats have more in common with todays republicans than they do with todays drifting to the left democrats. Besides how is a withdrawl by next october fighting terrorist are we going to win or the latest antics fund war for two months at a time. We are less safe because we don’t defend our boarders. Mr Bushes debacle was on not geting a boader war.

  2. wall sorry for the fopaw

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