Posted by: Randy Allgaier | November 8, 2006

Message to the Green Party- Get Real!

Ralph Nader did it in 2000 for the Greens.  If he hadn’t been in the mix- Gore would have won the 2000 election without any hanging chads or recounts or legal battles.  Now the Green candidate has caused tumult in the Virgnia Senate race.

The Greens took 25,000 votes and undoubtedly these votes would have gone to Mr. Webb.  If Webb could have put those Green votes in his column he would handily win over Mr. Allen.  As it is- we may not know for days who the winner is and we may have a recount as well. While I respect the idea of a third party- it just isn’t in the cards folks!  And the thing that really chaps my hide about this is that the Greens know darned well that they don’t have a fighting chance to win.

So they go on potentially spoiling Democrat victories which, even if you are more left than the mainstream Dems (like me), we know will be better for our policy agenda than a Republican.  As of this writing we have no idea what will happen with Virginia, but we know that if there hadn’t been a Green candidate we would know we had a Democratically controlled Senate.  While Webb is currently ahead- who knows what the outcome will be.

If Webb loses we can thank the Greens.If we really care about our issues and not our egos it is time for the Green Party to temper personal ideology with a little political pragmatism. 


  1. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for a Republican and vice-versa. They throw the true-believers an occasional bone on a social issue, and set about doing the bidding of their corporate masters with the vast majority of their time and energy.

    At least the Greens and Independents stand for something. Were they, through some act of God, to get elected to something, they’d probably succumb to the temptation the mainstream professional politicians do. At least they don’t bear the stench of the irredeemably corrupt, as do the Dems and Reps.

  2. J- I have really been conflicted by my stance here- but have come out in concern about the Greens place in the elections. While Dems and Reps both have their real negative issues- it is the game that is there- and if we don’t play it we can potentially lose. If I thought that the Green Party had a fighting chance now or any time in the foreseeable future, I would be out there with you boostering their cause.

    But I do believe that there are certain times to be pragmatic. It is all well and good to be a person of conviction. But I have learned over the many years I have worked on public policy issues- that conviction not tempered by some pragmatism makes a nice epitaph.

  3. Randy – Well stated. I’m afraid, however, the time for “working within the system” has passed. The system is broken. The government is corrput and incompetent. The problem is the professional politicians, not liberals or conservatives, though both are symptomatic of the political system’s dysfunction. And no, I don’t have a rebel flag tacked up in my garage ;^/

  4. […] This post really explains all the problems with the Democrats.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  I really hate that in a person, let alone an orgnaization. […]

  5. Gee- I thought that this was an easy one- it just has to do with simple math + 25,000 is +25,000. Plus I remember the Republicans gripping about Perot when Clinton was elected – REMEMBER????

  6. Interesting comments.. 😀

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