Posted by: Randy Allgaier | November 4, 2006

Compromising Security in the Name of Politics

Every morning I sit down to read my “New York Times” and it used to be a nice quiet time to find out what’s new in the world, what’s up with the arts and find wonderfully written human interest stories that touch my heart.  But over the course of the last year that quiet, calm morning ritual has turned into a stomach churner and a blood pressure riser.  What possibly damage to our country could the Bush administration do today?

Well yesterday was one for the history books.  There in the black New Times Roman font in the paper that gives us “all the news fit to print” was an article “US Web Archive is said to reveal a Nuclear Guide.”  Was I really reading the times or was I reading a copy of the satirist paper “The Onion”.  Nope it was the Times- this is a real story.

 In their zeal to desperately rationalize the reason for the invasion of Iraq, Congressional Republicans who were unhappy with the findings of the nation’s spy agencies pressured for the documents found in Iraq after the invasion to be posted to the website so there would be a larger audience that could sift through these documents and find that smoking gun showing that Sadaam had reinvigorated his WMD programs. 

The pressure was placed on the Director of National Intelligence, John Negraponte by the Chairs of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees (both Republicans).  Mr. Negraponte was very wary and unwilling to create this website, but the two Republicans dead set on proving the critics wrong went to their buddy – President Bush.  After all President Bush had everything to gain from someone finding this smoking gun- so Mr. Bush said “Do it John”. 

Well a plethora of documents were posted on the web site “Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal” including a document that many scientists and nuclear experts said was a guide to building a nuclear bomb!  But Mr. Bush and his buddies were still not vindicated.  The documents that compromised nuclear secrets were all created before the Persian Gulf War in 1991. 

We all knew that Sadaam had such programs before the first war with Iraq –  that wasn’t the smoking gun but it was a big old invitation to rogue nation states and terrorists to find a “Nuclear Bomb Marking for Dummies”. 

In the zeal to retain political power and vindicate the reason we were originally sold for the invasion of Iraq these Neo-Con nincompoops compromised our security.  Just a quick history lesson in case your forgot it was WMD’s not a desire to free the Iraqi people and create democracy which was the reason we were told after WMD’s weren’t found.


The terrorists haven’t had a better ally that George W. Bush.  He has infuriated the Islamic world more by a needless war allowing for easier recruitment among the ranks of terrorists, he has created a staging area for terrorists by an Iraq that is in chaos, and now he and his buddies have carelessly released nuclear technology in their singular purpose to salvage their political destinies.


The next time the Republicans talk about how Democrats will compromise our national security I want to ask them what anyone could do short of treason that hasn’t already been done by Bush and friends.


  1. That was the same article where we learned that Iraq was about a year away from having “the bomb” when we went in. And you libs say it’s a needless war!

    You say, “The terrorists haven’t had a better ally that George W. Bush. He has infuriated the Islamic world more by a needless war allowing for easier recruitment among the ranks of terrorists”

    I take it the Islamic world wasn’t infuriated when terrorists/murderers killed 3000 on 9/11/01 or before that?

  2. Well Jim…. Like most conversative idealogues, you just don’t get it! Those documents were from before the 1991 Gulf War and Sadaam had no way of going forward after sanctions were in place.

    And the comment about the Islamic world being infuriated. Sure they were infuriated before hand- mostly to do with our corporate imperialism and our blind support of Israel over the Palestinians.

    Bush has just exacerbated the problem and made the world a dangerous place.

  3. Bush exacerbated nothing. He just decided that after 9/11 enough was enough. When someone calls someonelse out for doing something wrong they either apologize for doing wrong or they lash out knowing that the new someone is not going to let them get away with it any longer. Do you honestly believe the world was not a dangerous place before 9/11? Blind support of Israel? Do you think that we should let the Israeli people be murdered because some liberal leader thinks they should be wiped off the face of the earth? It’s not just Iran, the Palestinians want it as well and have always wanted it. Israel has a right to defend itself and we have a responsibility to back her. Not all of the documents were from before 1991.

  4. Well lets see here Mr. Conservative Jim. You know- I really do believe that good people can disagree- but I still don’t understand- why conservatives continually point out 9/11 as a reason to go into Iraq.

    You stated “After 9/11 enough was enough”. I supported our going into Afghganistan. Actually my anger was huge – my family lost friends who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, so I don’t really appreciate lectures about 9/11. I don’t see the connection here and I get tired of people using the deaths of people who include friends of my family for the excuse to invade Iraq- it is offensive to me.

    And I do fervently believe that the world is more dangerous because of this war. Let’s hope Mr. Bush got the message yesterday. Getting rid of Mr. Rumsfeld was a step in the right direction.

    As far as Israel. Yes- Iran wants to see them gone and Palestine used to. I support Israel- but I understand the reason for resentment. Like everything else that is messed up in this world- so much of it goes back to the British Empire and the Balfour Delclaration of 1917 which outlined support by the British government for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine after WW I, This was realized after WW II and the Jewish people had suffered unimaginable holocaust at the hands of the Nazis.

    But still- can you imagine how you would have felt to have a new country plunked down in your lands (even if the British controlled them)? I don’t blame Israel- but I do blame the post war powers for creating Israel without thinking too much about the future consquences and not strategically thinking about how to create a Jewish state by taking the time to come up with a plan that would work and respect the needs of those that were in Palestine as well as the Jewish people. The Brits are guilty of the same idiocy in India.

    The dynamics of the middle east are extraordinarily complicated. My biggest complaints about the neo-conservative approach is that it is too simplistic and not rooted in history.

    And Jim- if you really want to get your knickers in a twist- just read some of my other posts! I think your blood pressure wiill rise hyperbolically. And hey- I always love a good banter!

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