Posted by: Randy Allgaier | November 2, 2006

Botched Joke or Botched War- Which is worse?

Jon Stewart said it well last night when saying that a botched joke isn’t nearly as bad as a botched war.  True Kerry was a fool and his botched joke was offensive – just see my post “Message To John Kerry- Zip your Lip”.  And it is also true that even the originally scripted joke wasn’t that funny either. 

But who was making jokes about WMD’s at a Washington Correspondents Dinner a couple of years ago?  Mr. Bush’s “bit” was replete with a video of him looking around the Oval Office for WMD’s.  “Nope they aren’t there” he’d say with that “hee hee hee” laugh of his.  Making jokes about the fact that the reason we went to war was bogus is heinous and doesn’t even rise to the offense of Mr . Kerry’s botched joke.

Mr. Bush and all the Republicans that have been asked admit that they realize that this was a botched joke- but they just can’t resist using it like a pit bull given a raw piece of meat.  Isn’t it worse to capitalize on a mistake and use our troops in a political tactic to fan the flames of partisan rhetoric and demonize a party than it was to initially make that mistake?

Of course the most offensive thing that has occurred during the War in Iraq is the arrogance of the White House and the civilian leadership of the Pentagon.  They don’t seem to give a damn about these young men and women-  they are just more war equipment like black hawks and unmanned drones-  but they are our children, our brothers and sisters and our fellow Americans- not an armored Hummer.  

Putting our troops in harms way for a reason that turned out not to be true- and then joking about it is offensive.  And more offensive than that is to continue putting these brave young men and women in harms’s way while continuing a botched policy that the President is unwilling to alter. 

Mr.  Bush- your botched actions are much more offensive than Mr. Kerry’s botched words. 


  1. Two things, lest we forget!

    1. Always speak truth to power (kerry’s joke: we all know that humor and truth sleep together! During the Viet Nam era, you went to college or you went got drafted. It is such now, de facto, but, none the less so.)

    2. Always speak truth to power.

    and 3….well, you get the idea.

    It is a sad thing that we American brethren and sisteren are led by the nose, and forced to drink at the Media Well…

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