Posted by: Randy Allgaier | November 1, 2006

A Message to John Kerry- ZIP YOUR LIP!

On more than one occasion I have said that if any one could lose an election that is handed to them on a silver plater- it is the Democrats! Well thank you John Kerry- you have dropped that silver plater.  John Kerry’s botched joke was utter stupidity. 

I wish he would shut up and just leave the national stage.  Former Texas Governor the late Ann Richards once said of the first President Bush that he was “born with a silver foot in his mouth.”  It was a great line- but sadly it applied to Mr. Kerry too.  The mangled English of President Bush seems folksy to many (not to me however) but Mr. Kerry has a decent command of the language and continues to confuse his words and make a mess.  Remember “I voted for it before I voted against it”?  He just hands the Republicans fodder for the Rove grist mill.  

I hope he makes it crystal clear that he apologizes for the perception of what he said.  I heard it- and I am a die-hard liberal and I thought it was offensive.  So imagine how energized the Repuiblican right wing nut bag base is over this!  But I think the damage is done.  The Rove machine is all over this one like a wet suit- and it was like a big ‘ol Christmas present from Mr. Kerry to the Bush White House. 

 I am glad that Kerry has cancelled any campaign appearances.  He should just go away and write his memoirs.  He continually damages the Democractic Party and his ego won’t allow him to be like an old general and just fade away. 

Mr. Kerry, Please on behalf of the Democratic Party, zip your lip and please depart the national stage.  We have some other people like Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, and Mrs. Pelosi who are better spokespeople for our party.  Your time was  two years ago and you should have retreated back to your Senate seat and left the national politics to those who’s time is now and in the future. 


  1. Well stated. Kerry is the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP. There are only two reasons Bush was ever elected in the first ( and second) place(s); Gore and Kerry. Hopefully the Dems will nominate someone who is borderline credible in ’08.

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