Posted by: Randy Allgaier | August 18, 2006

Less Safe Than Ever – Thank you President Bush

The recent terrorist plot uncovered in Great Britain had lots of pundits thinking and talking about safety since 9/11.  Of course the Bush administration- in an action that was no surprise to anyone – insists that the administration keeps us safer and played a key role in this case. 

Let’s take a look at this case first.  The British did one heck of a job uncovering this plot, but they were forced to take action well before they were ready to because the Americans forced their hand.  One must remember that although these plotters were Islamic fundamentalists, they are also British citizens and have all the rights of due process that are afforded to any other subject of the Queen.  It is not like the Bush cowboy justice that is Guantanamo where rights are regularly trampled.   These people do have rights.  The problem with this is- that because the plot was made public so quickly and because action was taken earlier than the British would have liked, it may be harder to prosecute the case.  The evidence is unclear and it might have been more clear if Scotland Yard had waited.  If the case against these alleged plotters doesn’t stick, the world has the Bush administration to thank for it.

Now- let’s look at the work that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has done to keep us safe.  First- what about all those shipping cartons that are routinely UNINSPECTED?  Then of course there was the inane appropriations from DHS to localities which substantially lowered New York City’s allocation and Washington DC’s allocation but increased the allocations to states like Indiana, Iowa, etc.  The fact that DHS took money from blue states and allocated them to red states makes political sense if you are a Republican but it makes no sense if you are trying to protect the nation. 

Then there is the laser like attention that DHS has given to the potential use of airplanes as WMDs.  In their near manic obsession about this, they seemed to have ignored all other potential threats.  This was pointed out not only by many anti-terrorism experts but also by the co-chairs of the 9-11 commission. 

If that isn’t enough- there is the big bugaboo- IRAQ!  Remember folks- 
Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.  NOTHING and there were no, I repeat NO, weapons of mass destruction!  It boggles the mind that Americans refuse to admit these two facts because administration has been so very successful in weaving a web of deceit around 9-11 and Iraq constantly harkening back to 9-11 when defending the ill fated war in Iraq.  They never directly say Iraq and 9-11 are related but their rhetoric heavily implies it.  How offensive! 

But Iraq has made the terrorists stronger.  It has given Al-Qeda and their ilk an additional cause célèbre (the first one being the Palestinian problem).  With its near blind support of  Israel, its lack of understanding of the Palestinian point of view and its invasion of Iraq, the United States is seen as an enemy of the Arab people and anti Islamic. And on top of that there is the fact that the lawlessness in Iraq has given a haven to terrorists.   Oh yeah- by diverting resources from the REAL war on terrorism to the Iraqi War we have lost sight of Bin Laden and let the Taliban regain some of its power.    The Bush administration couldn’t have helped the terrorists more if they had tried. 

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