Posted by: Randy Allgaier | July 9, 2006

The French Didn’t Surrender- 2006 World Cup

The most common annoying quip that conservative Americans make about the French is that they surrender at the drop of a hat.  Of course I take umbrage with that sentiment- all one needs to do is take a tour of small French villages and see the number of WW I dead in order to understand their WW II actions!  But the French sure didn’t surrender during the final match of the World Cup!  While Italy won during the Penalty Kick finale- France certainly played a better game and controlled the ball for most of the match.  Notwithstanding Zidane’s unexplicable, immature and embarassing head butt that rightfully got him thrown out of the game (what a self-destructive way to end his glorious career!) – the French team sure put forward a powerful team.  Both Italy and France have much to be proud of- the played a “beautiful game”.

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